20 packing tips for moving house

Moving house can be a stressful time. Here are 20 packing tips to help make your move as stress-free as possible.

  1. Prepare a moving kit. Prepare a moving kit – marker, tape, scissors, butchers paper or newspaper.
  2. Look online for boxes. Search on Gumtree or Facebook local for cardboard boxes, and sometimes you can score them for free.
  3. Donate, don’t throw away. There’s no need to pack items you no longer want. Instead of throwing them away, which will end up in landfill, why not donate them. Prepare a bag or box full of items you don’t need and donate it to a charity or give them to someone you know.
  4. Label the boxes. Moving can be chaos, and you can easily forget which box contains what. Labelling the boxes with the names of the items inside will help you and the removalists identify them easily.
  5. Label your valuables. Make sure that your valuables are safe and secure. Label the box with random names.
  6. Don’t overfill the boxes. Pack as many boxes as you want but don’t overfill them, This will make them heavy, and you might have problems picking them up.
  7. Start packing the kitchen first. Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start first? Start with the kitchen.
  8. Wrap breakable items. Wrap easily breakable items like pictures, vases, etc., to keep them safe.
  9. Protect the glasses. Wrap your glassware individually in newspaper or butcher paper.
  10. Wrap delicate items. If you have any delicate or precious items that cannot be wrapped in newspaper, wrap them in a blanket for safekeeping.
  11. Remember how cables were plugged in. If you’re not techy, take pictures of how cables are plugged into electronics, so you know how to plug them in again.
  12. Screws are important. Don’t lose the screws! Keep them where they won’t be misplaced.
  13. Keep everything organised. Organisation is the key to any move.
  14. Tape the cables. If you don’t need to remove the cables, tape them down.
  15. Keep clothes on hangers. Keeping your clothes on hangers means you can hang them straight up in your new home.
  16. Suitcases for heavy items. There’s nothing worse than trying to lift a heavy box and throwing your back out, especially if when moving. Pack heavy items in a suitcase and roll them into the truck.
  17. Don’t forget to unscrew the lightbulbs. Lightbulbs can break easily. Unscrew them, so they don’t break while moving.
  18. Don’t leave packing to the day before. The number 1 tip! Don’t leave packing to the day before. It takes a lot longer than you expect.
  19. Recycle the boxes. Once you have moved, recycle the boxes or give them away online.
  20. Rent a moving truck. Make a booking in advance to hire a truck from a friendly truck rental company like us – Yello Truck Rentals.
Couple packing boxes and moving house