Which rental car should you hire for your next trip?

Are you planning your next trip and considering renting a car? Check out the options for car rental that you might want to consider.

Small Car Rental

The first type of car that you may want to consider renting is a small car. Small car rentals are great for those travelling in smaller groups or not needing much room for luggage. Think no larger than 2-4 people.

Generally, small cars tend to be one of the cheapest options of cars to rent. If you are someone that does not need the extra space and someone that is going to stick to driving on the main roads, this can be a great selection for you.

SUV Rental

If you need a car with a bit more room, consider renting an SUV. These are great for families, larger groups or those needing more luggage space. SUVs can provide that extra comfort if travelling around a lot.

You do not have to have the largest SUV to accomplish this either. You can rent a 5-seat SUV and get most of the perks of a full-size SUV. Get the extra space that you are looking for in an SUV but still have more options to park your car. It can be a win-win scenario for you.

Minibus Rental

Preparing for a girl’s weekend? Booking a buck’s trip? Going on a day trip? Whatever the reason, hiring a minibus is a great way to transport a big group of people together without having to organise multiple drivers or hire several cars. And the best thing is anyone with a valid c-class driver’s licence can drive.

Find the best car rental for you!

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