The Complete Guide to Renting a Moving Van: Everything to Know

Are you thinking about moving? Moving can be a stressful and costly time, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it overwhelm you.

If you’re on the move but don’t have enough stuff to fill a moving truck, why not consider renting a moving van instead?

Here’s everything you need to know about renting a moving van.

How Much Will It Cost to Rent a Moving Van?

If you want to effectively load your things into the moving van, you have to start by being an effective packer. Make sure that you pack your belongings well.

Remember that poor packing may require larger trucks or second trips (assuming this isn’t a long-distance move). You’re saving time and money by taking your time and making sure that you’re not wasting any space.

Start packing before you think you have to. Too many people wait until the last minute because, in their minds, they think that all of the items in their home are essential enough to be used every day.

Most of your items can be packed up weeks ahead of time. Even your kitchen items, for the most part, can go into boxes a week before you have to leave your former home behind.

Make sure that you’re using boxes wisely. Pack as much as you can into each box without making any of them too heavy to manoeuvre. We recommend using smaller boxes inside larger boxes so you can keep your items organized and avoid the problem of having small items bouncing around the truck.

Here are a few of our favourite packing tips to help you get started.

Do I Need to Get Insurance for My Move?

Renting a moving van is a great way to move heavy and bulky items, but it’s important to ensure that you have taken out insurance just in case of an accident.

If you’re renting a moving van for the first time, remember that insurance may not be included in the rental price. Make sure that you check with the rental company whether insurance is included or is an additional cost. Remember reading online reviews of hire companies and their insurance policies can also help.

If the rental company doesn’t offer insurance, then you should consider how reliable the company is.

What Other Essentials Will I Need for a Move in a Moving Van?

There are several things you may need to pack in the moving van, depending on how much stuff you have. Here’s a quick list:

  • boxes
  • packing paper such as newspaper
  • bubblewrap
  • tape
  • marker to label boxes

What's It Like to Drive a Moving Van?

If you’re thinking about renting a moving van and have never driven one before, you might be wondering if it’s difficult.

The answer is no!

Start by taking it easy when you first set off but you’ll be able to drive one with ease.

Fill in the Gaps

When most of your boxes are in place, you can start filling in the gaps with small, unusually shaped, or fragile items. You’re looking for places where they can fit snugly. Think of this as a game of real-life Tetris.

If you can’t find snug spaces, we recommend using linens to pad boxes so they don’t get jostled around. This is also a great way to maximize storage because you won’t be wasting a box for your linens, blankets, or towels.

Before you start driving the moving van, we recommend pressing on every box or item to make sure that it’s secure. It’s also a good idea to drive a short distance and then double-check on your belongings to see if anything has shifted in transit.

Tips and Tricks for Easier Moving

Packing things into a moving van may seem straightforward, and if this isn’t your first time moving, it might be a piece of cake! If you’re new to moving, however, or even if this is your first time moving a lot of things at once, you may want some extra advice.

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks for making your move easier.

Get Plenty of Help

This is our #1 piece of advice for anyone who’s doing a big move. If possible, get as many people to help you as possible.

Offer a pizza or some drinks to your friends and neighbours for a few hours of help. Not only will this make the process a lot faster, but it will also be way more fun.

Divide and conquer. Some people can work on moving heavy objects while others make sure that everything is secure. At the same time, someone else will be making final rounds through the house to make sure that nothing was forgotten.

Draw Up a Plan

Planning can make a big difference when it comes to successfully packing up a moving van the first time. We recommend having both a written list and an actual drawn-out plan.

Measure all of your belongings and then measure the truck. Try to figure out the most space-efficient way to put everything in the truck while making sure that fragile and light objects stay near the top.

To make this easier, we also recommend labelling your boxes. This way, it only takes a quick glance at the box and your plan to determine where something needs to go and you can save time.

Use Tools to Your Advantage

Never try to pack up a moving van without tools.

First, you’re going to need a dolly. This will make it far easier and safer for you to move heavy objects, even if you don’t consider yourself a very strong person.

We love using moving straps and rope to hold things in place. Everyone thinks that they won’t need to secure their items until it’s too late. It only takes one broken vase to ruin the mood of a move.

Ready to Start Your Move?

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